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Alaska's largest sockeye salmon run has a rich history. Check out this amazing footage from the Alaska Film Archives. Boy, the times have changed. I'll be focusing on Bristol Bay videos the rest of the week, so stay tuned.

Bonus Video: I've posted it on the site before, but this is a shortened clip.



Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Madre Dolorosa

The Alaskan salmon season is quickly approaching as boats prepare for the huge flood of pinks this year. The Madre Is looking good this year in Bellingham. I've always loved the name of the vessel. Loosely translated, it comes out to be the Mother Of All Destruction. At least, that's what I've heard over the years. Google translate pulls up “Sorowful Mother.” Either way it's a great name for a boat. Good luck to all the fishermen traveling north this season.


Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Summer Seining Drone EyeCandy


Salmon Seining from Joshua Jarvis on Vimeo.

Dude! This video just nails it in everywhere! It's great to see familiar faces and boats among those amazing backdrops of southeast Alaska. This is exactly what the is all about! The interviews are a nice touch to the overall package and the video makes me proud to be a fishermen. Way to go, Jarvis! #eatmoresalmon


Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Pumping Squid | F/V Ocean Angel III


Here's another shot from Friday's unload of squid in Ventura, CA. You can see the rain clouds building in the distance. It actually dumped buckets of rain that afternoon.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | NOAA Status Of The Stocks 2014


Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Erin Carroll


Yes, that is the Pacific Pursuit! The name just changed this spring to the F/V Erin Carroll. This vessel is one of the nicer super seiners in the California fleet. The tophouse is completely surrounded in glass, offering some of the best wrap around visibility of any vessel. The rest of the boat is just as flawless and the drum seine smoothes out the entire operation. Local commercial fishermen are preparing their boats for the 2015 squid season which opened on April 1st. No squid deliveries have been made as of yet. However, last year's delivery was around the end of May. So, let's hope that squid is just around the corner.

Restoring John Steinbeck’s Western Flyer | for Seattle Weekly cover

Originally posted on Seattle Photographer Daniel Berman | Seattle editorial photographer | (206) 387-3767

A view of the Western Flyer ship once owned by  the author John Steinbeck, and now by John Gregg. After many failed attempts, the craft is being restored by Michael York at a dry dock in Port Townsend, Washington. In 1940, Steinbeck and a small crew navigated the Western Flyer on a successful, yet sometimes ill-fated marine specimen collection expedition along the Gulf of California. The adventures served as inspiration for Steinbeck's prized non-fiction book, "The Log from Sea of Cortez." Photo by Daniel Berman for Seattle Weekly.

Backed into the southwest corner of a large, unassuming dry dock in Port Townsend, Washington is a vessel with plenty of history. Maybe you’ve heard of John Steinbeck’s book The Sea of Cortez? This is the boat that took him and his team on their epic, problem-laden-but-ultimately-successful tour of the Gulf of California, then in its prime 75 years ago.

Today, the boat has new ownership under John Gregg, a geologist who spent $1 mil to call it his, and will likely have to spend a similar amount to fully restore it. Still, he’s dedicated to getting the boat ship-shape. Other people have tried before yet failed to do so, starting and stopping the restoration process for one reason or another – often financial, sometimes personal. There’s much more to this story, well-told in a fascinating piece by Patrick Hutchison.

The owner was unavailable for a portrait, but his manager…

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Sea To Source | Ventura Harbor Fish Market

While many people are recently hopping into the eat local and sustainable vibe, Ventura Fish Company maintains a steady presence at Ventura Harbor Village. During the fishing season, the Ventura II rolls into the harbor once a month and offers incredibly fresh local seafood to eager foodies at the docks. I have to say the smoked Opah is incredible! Just check for the latest updates on their next harbor visit. Also, Andria’s Seafood Market offer a variety of fresh daily delights from the sea in their restaurant or retail store on a daily basis for those urgent seafood needs. #eatmoreseafood

Now that we where to to buy them, let’s take a look at how they are caught. This is raw footage of the Ventura II at sea during the 2013 season. Also, I’m sure some readers are curious about the sustainability of the fishery, so I have included a nice Infographic after the video to help inform and educate.

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