Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | F/V New Dawn


Purse seine videos are starting to roll in. Remember to upload your vids to We are just reviewing videos for the upcoming festival this January. | Via Youtube: A fun depiction of commercial salmon fishing in Kodiak, Alaska. Filmed aboard the F/V New Dawn using GoPros, iPhones, and a Nikon 3200 to capture the action. We omitted the awful weather, dangerously long work hours, Jellyfish to the face, and endless boat work for the sake of crew morale.

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Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | F/V Ocean Spirit

Here's a gorgeous pic of the F/V Ocean Spirit taken in Waterfall Bay as we anchored up after a long day of fishing on the coast.


Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Lost Gear Recovery

Not all Dungeness pots make it back to the boat! California fishermen have teamed up with UC Davis and the Humbolt Fishermen's Marketing Association to retrieve derelict crab gear in the off season. So far, their efforts have produced nearly 600 rogue crab pots in the waters off of Eureka, Trinadad, and Cresent City. Tune in to see how it's done. For more info click here



Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Curious Coho

This Coho came aboard this summer while we were fishing off of Dall Island. The fish looked heathly and had no other obvious deformities. Has anyone else seen a split tail like this before on salmon species?



The Alaska Fisheries Report

Originally posted on KMXT News Blog:

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Coming up this week, a Haines fisherman is safe after is boat sinks out from under him; a mixed decision in an Unalaska murder trial, and Western Alaska Natives ask for increased bycatch reduction. All that, and learning to love salmon caviar, coming up on the Alaska Fisheries Report. We had help from KHNS’ Margaret Friedenauer in Haines, KTOO’s Matt Miller in Juneau, KUCB’s Annie Ropeike and Lauren Rosenthal in Unalaska, KYUK’s Daysha Eaton in Bethel and KCAW’s caviar-loving Rich McClear in Sitka.

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Internet ByCatch | Holy Mola!

The west coast is buzzing with news of an abnormal “”Warm Blob” and bizarre species are being spotted in the Pacific.  The Mola Mola, which primarily feeds on moon jellies, has been spotted along the Pacific Northwest coast this past summer.  This beast of a fish can weight up to 5000 pounds and holds the Guinness World Record for being the heaviest bony fish in the sea.  Here’s a recent Youtube video recorded earlier this month of a massive sun fish off the coast of B.C.  The clip is a bit NSFW, because of colorful Canadian language.  Click on the links below to discover more about these recent sightings.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | The Boats Of Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay was undoubtably one of the most successful salmon fisheries in 2014. You probably know a lot about Bristol Bay because of the huge fight against Pebble Mine, which has strong opposition from fishermen and naturalist around the world. Here is a great insight into the boats that fish these precious waters. Austin Breckenridge filmed numerous boats throughout the 2014 aboard the Pacific Drifter. Keep your eyes open, you might spot your own boat!


Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Spawn Til You Die

The last of the salmon are still pushing up streams along the west coast. Most of these creatures have traveled countless miles while enduring dangerous predators, harsh weather, numerous fishing nets and other man made obstacles. Throughout all these hardships, these amazing creatures always find there way back home to start the cycle all over again. This magical process still enlightens me every season. Spawn Til U Die…


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