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UPDATE: North To Alaska | Track Us LIVE with Spot

Update: The weather has been the real decisive factor in this trip north.  We have been set back at nearly ever turn.  Finally, today has blessed us with beautiful sunshine.  We are currently leaving Petersburg and dodging icebergs in Fredrick Sound.  Sitka is just around the corner and herring time is almost here.  It only takes a few days of bright sunshine to bring them up from the depths.  Stay tuned for the Sitka 2011 recap and LIVE updates from the fishery.  Now we just have to get there…
After a spell of truly crappy weather we are on our way from Port Townsend, WA to Sitka, AK. The journey typically takes about 4 days to get to Ketchikan, which is one of the biggest southernmost towns in southeast alaska. The weather could still be an issue, as the forecast is less than favorable. Lucky for you guys, you will be able to track all of our progress with the help of the Spot Messenger. I had hoped to embed the map, but WordPress has it failings when it comes to embedding certain content.   Click here or on the image to see the LIVE map.   Thanks to spsoultions.com for the demo of the Spot Messenger and a Globalstar GPS 1700 sat phone. So, we will have contact with the rest on the world even in the most remote part of the adventure. Once we are underway, I’ll be posting the sat phone number and you guys will be able to call in and ask questions about the trip or whatever you want.  Here’s a timelapse video from the trip up in 2010.  Also, here’s the sat phone number if you want to call and chat. 1 863 200 1335.  It can be a long boring ride.  So, feel free to call and ask some questions.